It’s been longer than expected… (much longer)


8 months. Kind of flies by, time. One minute it’s Spring, and hopes of Postseason and a brand new years worth of wax fill the air. Blink and it’s nearly Christmas, the World Series won again by the Giants (is it a dynasty?) and everyone looking forward to 2015 releases of product. In between so much has gone on, especially in my first year of collecting Baseball cards. So, where to start…


So, originally I had NO IDEA where to start (more choice than a Pic ‘n’ mix!) and drifted towards Heritage. I loved the retro take on the modern players, and the feel of the cardboard. So I decided to start set collecting! (Anyone who knows me will know about my slight addiction to completing something once I’ve started) I’m still missing a few of this years base set but I’m almost there.

Then I read and hear about peoples collections of single players and this BLOWS MY MIND. So, naturally I’ve started a couple! My main focus has been Michael Wacha but If I see any Yadi Molina going I snap ’em up! (I ❤ Yadi!)

The main problem I’ve been having is with import duties & tax. It’s a b***h. So, if any friendly US based readers would like to help a brother out (or know someone who would) PLEASE get in touch via this blog, Twitter (josh_hall66) or e-mail.( THANKYOU!

So, I’ve got some cards to sort through & eBay trawling (Bob Gibson autos anyone?) to do. Therefore, I’ll post soon.

Catch y’all on the flipside…


Oscar Taveras 1992-2014

On the 26th October 2014, baseball and the St. Louis Cardinals lost a tremendous talent in Oscar Tavares in a terrible car accident along with his girlfriend. Oscar had just completed his rookie season, which at the start of ranked him 2nd highest rookie prospect in the entire MLB. His first ever hit was a home run against the Giants, with his last hit also being a home run against the same opposition in the postseason. His statistics were a Batting Average of .239, 3 HR & RBI 22.

Oscar, whatever your doing now I’m sure your smiling away. We will always remember you, El Fenómeno.

RIP O.T #18

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